Coupons Can Land You Some Free Groceries

Coupons Can Land You Some Free Groceries

Coupons Can Land You Some Free Groceries

It is very hard for me to find the time to clip coupons or search for them on the web. Time is money, right? But what if they were free groceries? That might at least make me stay up let to clip some coupons.

Believe it or not, using coupons can land you some free groceries. Some people feel coupons aren’t worth the bother, that tracking and clipping coupons to save a quarter on a box of cookies is just not worth it. Others are eagerly looking all over for coupons, clipping them with total excitement because they know how much money they are saving and that they can get free groceries legally!

If the sound of getting free groceries and free products sounds good to you, why not give it a try yourself? To begin, start collecting coupons from all the different sources you can. You can start by searching the Internet for coupon sites, like, and several others. Some people buy five copies of the Sunday newspaper to have plenty copies of coupons as soon as they’re released. Some get coupons from neighbors and friends who don’t use them. Some people trade coupons with coupon collectors and some pay a coupon-cutting service to send them coupons. Even those coupons with a small value can earn you some free groceries when combined with other methods.

Keep an eye on the fliers and sales circulars that come out weekly from your local stores. Most stores release coupons on a weekly basis, and these coupons can be used along with the ones released in magazines and newspapers. By combining store sale prices with the store coupon and a manufacturer coupon is the best way to get free groceries.

Sign up for any store membership cards in your area. Some stores call these loyalty cards, VIP cards and frequent shopper cards. Regardless of the name, these give you more discounts and sales. At some stores, loyalty card holders are eligible for additional coupons and bonuses. Some stores are willing to double the value of a coupon, and other stores make a manufacturer coupon worth at least $1. For example, if you have a $0.30 coupon for cookies, you would get $1 off instead! That’s a deal!

Some grocery and drug stores give you additional rewards when you purchase certain things. These rewards will print out on your receipt when you pay for your purchases. Oftentimes, cash bonuses will print as well. For example, the receipt may be for $10 off of your next purchase at their store. These, along with the printed coupons, can be a great way to get free items.

By stacking all your deals together, you can really cash in on some good savings. For example, if you see a store ad that shows cookie mix on sale for $1 and you have a store coupon for $0.30 off and that specific store automatically makes your coupon worth $1, you end up getting the cookie mix for free. If you have three of these coupons, you can get three boxes free!

As you can see, getting groceries for free isn’t that hard at all. Yes, you need to have a bit of patience, and you will need to cut coupons, but it’s all worth it!

Melanie Kampman

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  1. I haven’t been as devoted to coupons as I was a year or so ago. I really need to start paying more attention and using more to save money now that we have 3 extra people living in our house. THanks for the advice!!

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