Counting Down The Greatest Global Sporting Events

We love sports on our little section of the web. Every year, we are filled with excitement for some of the best sports events in the world. But what are the greatest global sports events? Which one is the best and what makes these events so utterly addictive and intoxicating? Well, that last question is easy to answer.

Anyone who’s ever been to a major sports event will tell you that it can feel absolutely magical. Suddenly, you are no longer a separate individual but rather a piece of a larger part. Connecting to a crowd in this way and cheering on your favorite sports team is a sensational feeling. It makes you feel like you have a place in the world. And in fact, psychologists love to study the impact of crowd behavior. So part of the magic is certainly hearing the cheers of everyone around you sharing the passion. But there’s also the beauty of seeing people compete at the peak of their physical potential. Those who saw Jordan play described it as poetry and only those who saw Ali punch know the true meaning behind his mantra. So, what are the best sporting events in the world that we would never miss?

5. FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup
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The FIFA world cup is incredible. You might know it by another name, the World Cup and that certainly describes it. Unlike other sporting events that have the word ‘world’ but are national, this really is a global event. 32 teams compete for the title in a tournament that sweeps the whole world into a frenzy. It’s debatable whether America will ever truly appreciate soccer and embrace it the way the rest of the world has. However, at least in recent world cups, America has made it to the final stages of this tournament. They have reached the end 16, so we can only hope glory just might be in their future. Of course, Brazil might have something to say about that. One things for sure, no one is going to want to miss the 2018 tournament, and you can catch the qualifiers right now.

4. Wimbledon

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Love tennis? Then you don’t want to miss Wimbledon. Wimbledon is a unique global sports event because unlike the others it takes place in the same place every year, and there’s no prizes for guessing where. Every year, tennis enthusiasts flock to this sporting event. You’ll find a lot of celebrities in the crowd too because in the past it was generally for the upper class. Now, it’s appreciated by everyone with every nation having their favorite player. It’s one of the four major tennis matches around the world, and it’s certainly the most popular. America has it’s fair share of famous players from Serena Williams to the Legendary anger management issues of John McEnroe.

3. Tour De France

Tour de France
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Up next, there’s the Tour De France. A cycling tournament that’s as challenging as it is adored. The beauty of the Tour De France is that while there are standout athletes, anyone can compete. That means underdogs can rise from nowhere and that’s exactly what happened with now infamous, Lance Armstrong. This event began in the early 1900s, and the race can be as long as 3500km. As such, it’s a test of endurance as much as it is athletic ability. Despite the name, it’s not always just in France. The tour can pass through several nearby countries.

2. Super Bowl

Super Bowl
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The Super Bowl is a little bit of an odd duck. Only teams from America compete in the Super Bowl and really it’s just one game between two godlike rivals. The heavy hitters of the NFL league take a final match to find out which team will come out on top next year. It can be a nail-biting event, as shown this year when the victor snatched glory from the eave of defeat. No one expected it, and the celebrations when it happened were absolutely insane. It was a historic comeback for the Patriots with Tom Brady leading the charge. It’s always popular so you might want to book your Super Bowl 2018 tickets right now So, why is the SuperBowl an all American tournament, considered a global event? Well, 160 million people watch the Superbowl live worldwide, and it’s screened in 180 countries. So, we think it’s fair to include this in a list of the global greats.

1. Olympic Games

Olympic Games
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Finally, there’s the Olympic Games. There is nothing that can compete with this behemoth of a sporting event. Although not quite as popular as the Super Bowl in America, the last Olympics was watched by over 35 million nationally. That’s a sharp rise in numbers from last year, and every country is competing to get the most gold medals. Of course, arguably, the big buzz around the Olympics isn’t the tournament itself. But, rather the tremendous, glorious opening ceremony that often includes some incredible, enchanting sports celebrations.

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