Christmas is Coming & Kmart’s Big Layaway Giveaway is Now!

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I can remember when I was in high school and college layaway programs were huge in stores. I used to love being able to put furniture and electronics on layaway because they are such a huge investment. Being able to put larger purchases like Christmas presents and holiday gifts on layaway is such a great way to save money because you aren’t adding them on to your credit card balance if you don’t have the cash. I don’t use credit cards so I especially love layaway for the purpose of being able to save money! Layaway is back!

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Walmart, Best Buy, Toys R Us and Kmart are now offering layaway just in time for the holiday season. So exciting! Look at the chart below and learn just how well Kmart’s layaway program stacks up against its’ competitors. The biggest advantage for me is that they offer an online layaway option unlike the others, plus they have free layaway! No fees! Being able to shop your layaway items is extrememly handy for busy people like myself.

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My favorite item to add to layaway is going to be a television. We are in need of a smaller one for another room. You can see below how this tv is available for layaway. It states by each product if it is available for layaway.

kmart layaway tv

I’m also hoping to win big in Kmart’s Big Layaway Giveaway happening now! One Winner. Every Store. Every Week. All you do to enter is put your puchases on layaway, and every week you get a chance to win your remaining balance paid off! How awesome is that? I’m going to get started now so I can get that tv paid off for Christmas time! Hurry because the giveaway ends on November 17, 2012 at 11:59 pm EST. Good luck everyone!

What will you be putting on layaway this holiday season?

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  1. I remember shopping with my mother growing up. We’d always go to Kmart a couple of months before Christmas and stock up on all kinds of goodies for myself and siblings – this was after I learned Santa Claus was fantasy. She called me her little elf since I knew her secret – Kmart Layaway. I’d go back with her just before Christmas to pick everything up and take it home. Layaway is such a great option. I’d love to win this giveaway, too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much for the information. We just got a Kmart down the street from us and it is good to have this information…I am so excited I will rush right there

  3. I remember my mom using it alot when i was growing up. with 7 people in my family we had to save alot, so this helped quite a bit. i used this a few times since then, but since they closed the one near me, I only get there a few times a year.

  4. I remember using my babysitting money to put clothes on layaway. I love that layaway is back. I don’t use credit cards either, so being able to put big ticket items on layaway is great.

  5. I remember shopping for Christmas presents at KMart with my mom (after I learned all about Santa Claus) and placing the items on layaway. My mom would go to KMart every couple of weeks to pay on the layaway and then pick up the entire load a week or so before Christmas. I’m glad to see the program is still going strong.

  6. I have never used Layaway but with Kmart running a giveaway along with advertising the Layaway plan, more people will probably use the service.

  7. You know I grew up with my mom doing lay aways when she could and then I began to use then but all the sudden companies took them away and I was sad. This is fantastic that they have brought them back Kmart has made it easier than ever being able to put it on the website. The giveaway from Kmart is awesome

  8. Kmart’s Layaway program has been something that I remember from when I was a small kid. My parents and grandparents used that program. I’m thankful it’s there today.

  9. i would love this! but im in a part of texas that does not have k-mart :*( just walmart around here for layaway

  10. I am so happy about all the new layaway programs at stores. This will really help this holiday season. Now I can get a some things I could not before!

  11. Gosh, I haven’t been to a KMart in years. Nothing wrong with them. I suppose they’re not in a convenient location. :-/

  12. I love that Kmart has a lawaway and will keep it in mind for the holidays especially now that I know about this giveaway.

  13. I like that there’s no fees for their layaway program. Layaway fees are a big deterrence for me.

  14. This is great and they know it because Wal-mart just brought their back for the holiday (competition)

  15. I love layaway. I have used Kmart many times. I like them the best because you put anything on layaway.

  16. Years ago KMart was about the only place to do layaway and for many families this is the only way to afford Christmas. Glad to see them making a come back!

  17. I love layway for the holidays because it allows me to pay installments so I do not have to pay a lot of money all at one time

  18. I love K-Mart for keeping layaway as an option. I am especially loving the online layaway option. I am really frustrated that Walmart got rid of their layaway, but even more frustrated that they limit it so badly when they do bring it back for Christmas.

  19. I grew up going to Kmart as my mother did layaway for school and for holidays. I want to enter this, but at the same time want those who badly need christmas help for their families to win it over me. My family is low-income but we get by by doing a little at a time.

  20. Wow I thought that Layaway did not exist anymore! I guess we can all have a Christmas now! Thank you so much for being here for us and sharing!
    Happy Holidays,

  21. I love their Top Toys List every year around the holidays. I get such great ideas when it’s close to Thanksgiving. My favorite part is always whatever is the design for their exclusive Barbie doll. They’re always so pretty!

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