Casio’s PRIZM fx-CG50 Perfect for Your Student

My son started the 7th grade this year! I can’t believe it! Our school has a connected elementary and high school so he’s moved to the halls with the older kids. He seems to be adjusting well and he loves school. He’s a straight A student that loves to be silly and is in nearly every activity they offer. He has now started Pre-Algebra so having the perfect graphing calculator is important.

Casio’s PRIZM fx-CG50

Him and I selected Casio’s PRIZM fx-CG50 for his Pre-Algebra class. Of course, a graphing calculator was on the school supply list for and mandatory for 7th graders so we wanted to make sure we chose one with lots of capabilities. Here’s our favorite features of the graphing calculator that might help when you need to make a decision.

Casio’s PRIZM fx-CG50

Casio PRIZM fx-CG50 Features:

3D Graphing. Your student can more easily draw 3D graphs such as planes, cylinders, and spheres, and view them from various angles.

Improved Catalog Function. The calculator also offers an improved catalog function so students can use commands more quickly with greater engagement.

Casing Design. This calculator offers a new casing design in a rectangular shape that offers improved ease-of-use.

My favorite thing about this calculator is that my son can use it from 7th grade up through high school and into college. We love the high-resolution color LCD screen with over 65,000 colors. The picture plot enables learning from real-life pictures and it’s so easy to use!

Casio’s PRIZM fx-CG50

Although my son loves school, he says he is not loving all the math homework. He seems to be doing very and this calculator has helped him tremendously. He seems to have math homework nearly every night and I often find myself sitting down with him to help. I’m glad I can remember doing all of this algebra from when I was in school!

Casio’s PRIZM fx-CG50

When you compare with other calculators, the Casio PRIZM fx-CG50 is superior in performance, features and price. We compared a variety of models and fee like this was the best choice.

Where to Buy. You can find the Casio PRIZM fx-CG50 at a number of online retailers including here at Amazon or your local Staples, Walmart and Target just to name a few.

What’s your must have features for a graphing calculator like the Casio PRIZM fx-CG50? Comment below and share with us!

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