Binge Like A Pro With These Brill Netflix Hacks

Who doesn’t love Netflix?!
This awesome streaming platform started off back in 1997 when it specialized in mail-order DVD rental. But, as technology has moved on, it has kept up with the trend, and is now one of the biggest on-demand TV and movie services in the world. As a result, most of us now watch what we want whenever we want, and very few of us actually watch a show when it first airs on TV.

Netflix Hacks
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But, like most online platforms and websites these days, Netflix has an algorithm in place. This looks at what you have previously watched and decides which other shows or movies might tickle your fancy. As a result, you might only get shown the same suggestions over and over again. Want to refresh your Netflix experience? These awesome hacks can help you out with that!

Clear Your Viewing History
Netflix has a very good memory and remembers every TV show and movie that you stream. You’ll find this history on the ‘My Activity’ page, which you can navigate to from the settings section. It’s a good idea to delete this list every few months. That way, the algorithm resets, and you will be given a lot of new suggestions, some of which you might not have realized were available on Netflix!

Russian Roulette, But For Netflix
No one has time to scroll through the thousands of titles that are on the streaming website. So there is a very good chance that there are lots of movies and shows on the site that you don’t know about. The best way to dip into all these is to use the Netflix Roulette website. This site gives you the chance to enter your favorite genres, actors, and directors, and it will then pick a movie for you at random.

Call Them Up
Think your algorithm isn’t working as it should? Maybe you see a suggestion for a movie that you’ve already watched? If you ever think that your Netflix isn’t working quite as it should be, you can always give their customer service team a quick call. Here’s the Netflix customer service phone number to call in your time of need! Their employees will be happy to help and will get you back to streaming your favorite shows in no time!

Most hardcore Netflix fans know that there are certain movies and shows only available in certain countries. This is because of different licensing laws across the globe. Want to stream without borders? The best way for you to do this is to download a VPN, such as ZenMate. Once you have a VPN on your device, you can hide your IP address so Netflix can’t tell which country you are in. You can also pick an IP address from a different country, which fools Netflix into thinking you are elsewhere. Very clever!

Don’t just watch the same Netflix shows over and over again – these hacks can help you mix up your viewing habits!

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