Best Gift You Received as a Child

Best Gift You Received as a ChildBest Gift You Received as a Child

What was the best gift you received as a child? I know you could take this many directions but I’m going to stay with a toy theme. Is there a that one toy you will always remember? I was born in 1980, a decade to the start of some amazing toys! Remember the beginning of Care Bears, Cabbage Patch Dolls or Transformers? It was an amazing time to be a child! Many toys from the 80’s have even been brought back.

One of the best gifts I received as a child was a bicycle. Yes, that’s me in the picture above! Don’t you love that gorgeous green and yellow carpet? I can still remember that carpet! My parents still live in the same farm house (built in the late 1800’s) I grew up in, minus that gorgeous carpet. I rode that bicycle everywhere, everyday. Did you notice it’s a Strawberry Shortcake bicycle? My brother, sister and I rode all the time… until I got a horse. I rode my horse everyday rain, snow or shine. I still have scars from bike wrecks. If you were a bike rider like I was as a kid I’m sure you know what it feels like to have your mom pull gravel from under your skin!

Besides my real horses I also had a wooden rocking horse. The one in the pic was too small… obviously! I rocked and rocked on that thing. I still have it minus any hair! I’m pretty certain my younger sister done the damage to it.

Best Gift You Received as a Child

In 1989 I remember receiving my first Breyer horse. It was the beginning to a collection of over 100 Breyer horses. I had everything you could image to go along with them. I had an amazing barn, a hand tooled leather saddle (made by a dear family friend), riders and the list goes on. I had shelves on the walls in my bedroom to display my precious collection. I can remember being able to immediately tell if one was missing. Sometimes I would find one hidden with a broken leg… my younger sister was always the culprit! I still have most of my collection today.Best Gift You Received as a Child

I’m sure you are starting to see a horse theme… yes, I loved horses! I was also a huge fan of My Little Pony. It’s funny how that has come back today and once again popular among little girls. I still have most of my toy collections from when I was little. I also remember having a huge collection of Barbies. My best friend and I could play with them for hours. I always liked to incorporate my Breyer horses so mine always lived on a ranch or farm. Haha! It’s fun looking through the boxes of them now that I’m older.

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What was the best gift you received as a child?


Melanie Kampman

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  1. Great story, Oh, I love those horses they weere so cute. I know you were happy to get a bike how cool.

  2. What a great bike! Strawberry Shortcake was a favorite of mine, too. What fun to have a horse to ride, also. I would have loved that, I’m sure.

  3. I had a bike just like that!! My cousin was in LOVE with those horses and we got her one every year! What a fun story, thank you for sharing!

  4. Isn’t it funny how a bike seems to be kind of a rite of passage for every kid? I loved reading about your horses, both the real and toy ones!

  5. Great story. I loved the Barbie horses as a child and still have them at my Mom’s. My favorite was the black horse shown in your photo.

  6. Thanks for sharing! Great pics too! It’s wonderful you still have your collections (most of them lol- darn those lil sisters). Enjoyed reading your memories!

  7. Oh how funny and cute are you on that horse! My daddy built the opposite…. my wooden horse was life sized! To this day everyone picks on him about it but he couldn’t see the point in building a tiny one that I would grow out of 😉

    Great pictures!!!

    Mom Does Reviews

  8. Great read!! Brings me right back to my first bike!! I got it for Christmas too! I remember trying to ride it down long hallway too! Lol we had about a foot of snow on the ground..needless to say i drove my parents nut until the snow melted!

  9. I loved my bikes as I was growing up. Right now my granddaughter is wanting a new one because she said hers is to little. There are so many cute toys out there now. I really like the ones that are educational and make the kids think a little

  10. That’s easy – as in the Easy-Bake Oven I got when I was 6! My family used to wait until midnight on Xmas Eve to open presents, so I didn’t open it until 3am. I was allowed to try it right away, so around 4am I was serving little cakes – lol. 😉

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