Benefits of FitTea Tea Detox & How it Promotes Weight Loss


Benefits of FitTea Tea Detox & How it Promotes Weight Loss

I never fully understand the benefits of the various kinds of teas until I injured my back and became constipated. I know, it’s a not-so fun topic to talk about but it happens to the best of us. I finally became cleansed when I tried a variety of teas that helped tremendously. Since then I have been hooked to a variety of teas and testing them for their various benefits. One of my favorites that promotes weight loss is an amazing 14 day detox called FitTea. I love my FitTea results and want to share it with you through my FitTea review.FitTea

By using FitTea you can enjoy all of the many benefits of tea detox we’ve shared below. It’s a loose leaf tea and contains a powerful blend of natural ingredients: Organic Green Tea, Oolong Wu Yi, Organic Rooibos, Ginger, Pomegranate, Guarana, Birch, Stevia, corn and Honey Powder. These ingredients provide a fast-working and natural detox. These natural ingredients have other benefits besides detox, which includes weight loss, increased energy levels, suppressing the appetite, and natural antioxidants. I love that FitTea is all-natural and gives you energy, boosts your metabolism, aids in digestive health and boosts fat-loss naturally in problem areas. FitTea

Promotes Fat Burning & Weight Loss

A tea detox can help you shed those unwanted pounds by increasing your metabolism. Besides detoxing your body, FitTea also acts as a powerful natural appetite suppressant and rids your body of excess water. It lowers my hunger levels for up to 4-6 hours. Make sure you include exercise in your daily routine and you will get great results! I like to enjoy my FitTea of a morning. It gets my metabolism going for the day and I’m not so hungry throughout. You can also drink your tea before a workout.

Natural teas like FitTea have been used all over the world for thousands of years for weight loss and increased energy which helps anyone with a fitness program.

Helps Your Immune System

Keeping healthy is so important for your body. I love that a tea detox supercharges and boosts my overall immune system. It is a great way to keep from getting those nasty colds or the flu throughout the year! Besides, there’s no time to be sick when you have a great metabolism!FitTea

Promotes Digestion

With FitTea you get a natural, comfortable and soothing digestion. You’ll also feel lighter and healthier. This is one of my favorite benefits of the tea detox.

Sarah Hyland (below) of Modern Family looks like she’s as obsessed with FitTea as us!

fittea review
Keeps You Healthy

Besides boosting your immune system, FitTea also contains powerful antimicrobial properties to help keep you healthy. It keeps you feeling good both physically and mentally!

I love how FitTea purifies my body from waste and other toxins. I have also noticed how it has reduced my levels of stress. It is highly effective and has a great taste but I love adding lemon and honey to every cup! You will truly be amazing at how well you feel after trying the FitTea 14 day tea detox. Not only do we have only positive things to stay about FitTea, so do thousands of others!

If you have tried FitTea, we’d love to hear your FitTea results! Here’s the main benefits of FitTea:

-Boosts immune system
-Promotes fat burning
-Promotes and soothes digestion
-Antimicrobial properties

FitTea’s tagline – “Give us a few weeks and we’ll give you a new waistline.”

fittea results
Learn more about FitTea. Give it a try, you will love Fit Tea!

FitTea comes in 14 Day Detox and 28 Day Detox. FitTea also offers the following:

FitTea Super Pack

  • Fit Tea Fat burner!
  • Garcinia Cambogia!
  • 28 Day Detox package!
  • Free Forskolin!

Fit Tea Pro Pack

  • Fit Tea Fat burner pills
  • 28 Day Detox package

Fit Tea Starter Pack

  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • 14 Day Detox package
  • Fat Burner

Fit Tea Fatburner Pill

Powerful weight-loss supplements and Detox Tea

  • Increase your energy levels
  • Powerful weight-loss supplement
  • Removes toxins from body which hinder body from burning fat
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Provides additional energy without the jitters
  • Natural antioxidants

Garcinia Cambogia

Clinical studies have found Garcinia to:

  • Suppress appetite
  • Control cravings
  • Burn fat and block fat production
  • Improve sleep and mood
  • Decrease bad cholesterol
  • Increase weight loss by up to 3 times more than diet and exercise alone
  • Reduce cortisol levels (belly fat)

HCA LEVELS: 60% HCA, which is the most effective and safe amount of HCA that will deliver you maximum results. Be safe and effective with no side effects.

I suggest starting out with the FitTea Starter Pack to try the product. I started seeing results within a few days!

What’s your favorite way to detox? Do you enjoy trying new blends of teas? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Benefits of FitTea Tea Detox & How it Promotes Weight Loss


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  1. This looks great. My wife & I have plateaued on our diets & we were looking for something like this. Thanks for the great post!

  2. This sounds like a great product with some pretty big promises. You didn’t mention the cost, I wonder if this is something the average paycheck to paycheck person could afford?

    1. The 14 day tea detox is $25. I can get more than one mug of tea out of one tea bag so I just save it in the fridge and reheat it the next morning. I know it’s not fresh but it’s a great way to save a few dollars and make it last longer.

  3. This would be amazing drinking 14 day tea detox and losing weight, after the remove my kidney i also want to lose weight i will keep this in mind thanks!

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