Bathroom Organization Tips: Wet Towels, Clutter and Storage

I am sure I am speaking the hearts and minds of many homemakers when I tell you that everybody wants to get the magic trick of cleaning and organizing their house with just a wave of a wand. And there are few areas that you want to organize more desperately than the others in your house.

For instance, I am sure bathrooms are something that everybody hate cleaning and get pissed when they have to organize it, especially when they are not the one to mess it up.
Bathroom organization rules are even important in case of shared bathrooms. Your kids must know what’s not acceptable and so does your husband. So I have a few tricks that can also serve as bathroom rules for the entire family.

Bathroom Organization
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Space for wet towels

There is a defined place for towels where everyone can find clean and fresh towels to use after a shower or washing their face. However, what are you supposed to do with the wet towels? There are railings in the bathroom for hanging clean towels but you must keep a bucket to put in wet towels that will directly go to the laundry.

Of course, towels are not shared property. Everybody in your house must have their own towel collection, including hand towels, face towels, and bath towels. Towels must be washed after every two or three uses. So a shared bathroom produces a lot of dirty towels and putting a bucket for it seems like a very logical action.

Since every household use many towels so you should buy them from sales and discounted deals only. has an exceptional collection of towels. Also is a great alternative to get towels.

Bathroom Organization
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No Space for Clutter

Clutter is created due to the things that are randomly placed in the bathroom. Like your daughter wears a pony to tie her hair and she likes to put it on the sink every morning, which is not a great sight and initiates the clutter process. So the solution is to have a tiny storage space for every little thing in the bathroom, be it the hair pins or eye lens case etc. There is only one way to avoid clutter i.e. make space for everything.

Proper Storage Space for Everything

Now I understand that bathroom is not a bungalow. There is a limited space which means you can create a limited storage space in there. In that case, you are supposed to utilize the area cleverly. I am a huge fan of built-in cabinets that make use of the whole wall.

Also, you can always go for slim cupboards that aren’t too wide. One important aspect is to use neutral colors in the bathroom and really cash on the natural light.

Hooks, Rails, and Storage Basket

There are plenty of spaces even in a small bathroom that can be utilized cleverly. For creating more storage area, remember hooks, rails, and baskets are your friends. You can use hooks to hang shoe holders as they are lengthy and spacious and put random stuff in it like makeup, brushes etc.

Another cool area is the space under the bathroom vanity. You can put baskets under it or maybe wooden crates and store towels or anything you like.

Bathroom Organization Tips: Wet Towels, Clutter and Storage

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