Awesome Hacks For Your Child’s Very First Sleepover

hacks child sleepover

Once your kids get to a certain age, they will start to get very excited about inviting all of their friends over for a fun sleepover! Remember when you used to have them when you were a child? Things will have certainly changed a lot since then, and there is no doubt that your idea of what makes a good sleepover won’t match up with your child’s idea of fun.

Not sure what it takes to throw a killer sleepover? No worries; here are my top tips!

Limit The Guest List

You think you might be able to handle looking after a lot of children, but are you sure that is really the case? Seeing as this is your child’s very first sleepover, and you will be inexperienced in hosting these kinds of things, it’s a good idea to start with a limited guest list. Say around three or four guests. This small group of children will be very easy to handle, and you will be able to accommodate them all into your home without too many problems.

hacks child sleepover

Listen To Other Parents

You will know what is best for your child, and the other parents will know what is best for their children. So, if some of the other parents give you specific instructions for their children, then it is really important that you follow them. This could be relating to dietary requirements or taking medication before bedtime. As long as you follow all of their instructions, you will have nothing to worry about, and there is no chance you will end up in another parent’s bad books!

Get Ready With Entertainment

Do you know how you will entertain all the kids at the sleepover? Sure, you can leave them to themselves for a bit so that they have a chance to play, but that will only keep them occupied for so long. It’s a good idea to sign up to a service like so that you have TV shows and movies to watch on demand. If they ever get bored, you can simply choose a show for them to watch for an hour or so. It’s also a good idea to get some board games in case your kids get bored of TV!

hacks child sleepover

Offer Healthy Snacks

Whatever you do, don’t get sugary or fatty snacks for the kids to nibble on through the night. There is so much sugar in them that they will be kept wide awake well into the early morning! To help the kids get to sleep at a reasonable time, it’s a much better idea to offer healthy snacks such as the ones from It’s also not a good idea to send the kids home to their parents on a sugar high either – their parents certainly won’t thank you for it!

It’s easy to organize a fun sleepover – just remember that you shouldn’t indulge every whim or request from the kids. Otherwise, they’ll be running rings around you!

Have a good night!

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