Awesome Gifts for Faraway Friends

Awesome Gifts

Awesome Gifts for Faraway Friends

What could you give for a birthday, a graduation or another special occasion when your friends are far away from you? Missing out on these special moments is one of the worst things about traveling, which is why you want to give your friend an awesome present. Show them you have not forgotten about them while you are on a trip.

What is a good gift?

First, it is very important that the present suits the interests and personality of your friend. Next to that it has to be a present that can be sent via mail. In a lot of cases it is not possible to send them something from the place where you are, like beauty products. And if it is possible, it can take months for the package to arrive at the preferred destination. It can also be very expensive,  sending a package can cost you 50 dollars without any import charges. When sending gifts from abroad, internet is your best friend.

Buying gifts online.

Buying a gift online is very easy and fast. You can send the package directly to your friend. There are many possibilities to personalize your present. For example you can add a card with birthday wishes or a special personal message to that particular person. Here is a top three of awesome gifts for friends at home:

  1. Gift cards

Gift cards are always a good idea. It’s doesn’t matter how good you know your friend, with a gift card you can’t go wrong. You can always find out what someone likes, such as shopping, games or books. Who doesn’t appreciate a gift card they can use in their favorite store? It will show them you have thought about it, but they still can decide by themselves what to buy. Give shop lovers an H&M gift card, if someone loves to hang out with loved ones, give a gift for dinner or a day out. There are a lot of possibilities!

  1. iTunes card

When your friend has an Apple device, an iTunes card is an awesome gift. This gives them the possibility to download what they love, like apps or music. For example the app: InstaPlace. This app allows you to share pictures and locations with them. So they can follow you wherever you are. They also can download the newest album of their favorite artist. If you like this idea, you can buy an iTunes card at They even have a gift wrap service!.

  1. Gadgets

There are a lot of gadgets that make it easier to stay in touch, such as a camera or portable phone chargers. Do they love their phone, but are these gadgets not nice/ and/or original enough? Then go for designer gadgets. For example an iPad case, selfie stick or a Bluetooth speaker with a wooden design. There are many websites offering these kinds of gadgets. Simply google and you will definitely find an original gift for your friend.

There are a lot of awesome presents for your friends, be creative and always keep their preferences in mind.

Awesome Gifts for Faraway Friends

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