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In the auto industry, a few select brands tend to be popular for long periods of time.  This is partly because they deliver a good product and partly because people like a sense of familiarity.  Every so often, however, a new brand enters the public consciousness.  For example, Scion cars did that a decade ago, and they have continued the trend with ongoing success.  How does a new brand break through?  It usually entails a few different ingredients in their recipe for success:

  • Modest price
  • Great features for the price
  • Innovative styles
  • Balance of power and fuel economy
  • Overall vehicle reliability
  • Passenger safety

Modestly Priced Cars Sell

It will come as no surprise to any car dealer that people shopping for new cars look for the best deals.  That can mean a few different things.  First, price matters to buyers.  Some cars seem expensive for what you get, and others seem like a great deal.  Being able to trade in a certain vehicle, or getting a potential rebate, also contributes to the buyer’s sense of getting a good deal.  The amount of money necessary for a down payment is another factor, and of course, the overall financing package is a concern for the buyer.  A lower interest rate and better monthly payments can be a huge incentive to buy a particular vehicle. 

A Car that Isn’t Expensive to Drive

Once you drive off the auto lot, the value of a car on paper is said to drop immediately.  That’s when you learn the real world value of the vehicle.  You find out how much fun a car is, how fuel efficient is actually is, and how reliable it is.  A Scion, for example, is said to be very reliable.  That means fewer costly trips to the mechanic.  If you save money on basic repairs, you will surely like the car a bit more.  Saving money at the pump is a big feature for modestly sized coupes, sedans, and crossover vehicles.  Gas prices fluctuate, but highway mileage in the thirties is now common in smaller cars.   

Drivers Expect More from Standard Features in Cars Today

Drivers expect more from their standard features, and car manufacturers are delivering amazing packages.  The exterior may have defrosting mirrors, chrome tipped exhaust pipes, and highly visible LED brake lights.  Some other key concepts people expect for performance, comfort, and safety in their car might include the following features:

  • Six speed automatic transmission
  • Rear window defogger
  • WiFi connectivity for electronics
  • Cruise control
  • Automatic off headlights
  • Height adjustable driver’s seat

The Scion Story

Presented By Scion

Modern Vehicle Safety Features

The more densely packed American roads become, the more safety features drivers want built into cars.  This might include brake assist or anti-lock braking systems that help you stop safely without skidding.  A safe vehicle might also offer traction control or stability control systems that are seen in more vehicles today.  Of course, in the event of an actual collision, drivers want a good airbag system.  That includes front and side airbags, including knee airbags.  A good headrest can also help prevent whiplash injuries. 

The Whole Package

Cars that offer economy, dependability, and safety will inevitable gain some traction in the marketplace.  For example, a 60 month drivetrain warranty and covering other major components for 36 months can be a big incentive to buy.  While some other companies rest on their laurels, or continue to raise their prices for basic features, innovative companies earn a greater slice of the market by offering quality products with unique designs at fair prices.

You can look at a timeline of Scion’s history here.

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  1. I drive a SCION XB and LOVE it! It is very reliable, great on gas, and looks different from the rest of the “cookie cutter” vehicles out there! They will definitely be my go to car manufacturer for future vehicles!

  2. Thanks for this – I agree I think they are on their way – I really liked the first ones they introduced, the Scion 2002 bbX & ccX – it looks boxy – but different and I like that…

  3. i love the look of these cars, i really like the bbx & ccx , the vehicle just looks cool to me 😉 thanks for share

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