9 Expert Tips to Make the Moving Process Easier

Moving can be stressful; most of us dread it. So, in the following section, we provide nine simple tips that should make the moving process a little easier. Keep in mind that organization is the key word. If you’re organized, the process will always be simpler.

Before moving day

Several days, maybe even a week or two before moving, you need to start planning for life in the new home. Here are a few things to consider;

  • De-clutter

There is no better way to start preparing for a move than to identify what you will need and might not need in the new home.

Tips to Make Moving Easier

If you have bags of old clothes that may not be of help anymore, don’t carry them to the new home; it’s a waste of both effort and money.

  • Itemize

Now that you have gotten rid of items that you may not want to carry to the new home, the next step is to make a list of everything left in the house that will be loaded into the removal van. Start by listing the items on a room-by-room basis. Afterwards, refine the list in such a way that the largest items such as furniture come at the top while the smallest items such as utensils come at the bottom. This way, you now have a record of each item being moved.

  • Who does the packaging?

It is also at this stage that you need to decide whether or not you’d like the removals company to do the packaging for you. While moving companies NJ typically charge more if they also do the packaging, whatever they package is usually insured in case of loss or breakage. Items that are packed by owner (PBO), on the other hand, aren’t insured. Additionally, you’ll need to decide whether the packaging boxes will be provided by the moving company (at an extra cost) or if you’ll provide them.

  • Get quotes

With those three steps covered, start getting quotes. It is recommended that you get at least three different quotes from reputable, local companies. Ask all questions you may want to ask including insurance cover and time of moving to name just a few. Then,…

  • Start packing
  • Contact the moving company

On the moving day

  • Get up early

Ensure that you’re up as early as possible. Depending on your agreement with the moving company, the removal van should arrive at your door in the mid morning. The reason you want to leave early is because on the other end you will have a lot of work unloading and unpacking the items. Also, remember that there will still be a number of items to pack that morning such as the bedding you used the previous night.

  • Show the movers around

Consider giving them a copy of the list you prepared in step two above and then show them around the house, pointing where each item on the list is located. With that done, get out of their way as they do the packaging and/or loading.

  • At the destination, provide directions

You need to be there at the unloading end to provide directions on where each piece of furniture goes.

Tips to Make Moving Easier

Don’t be in a hurry to unpack the boxes. Instead, wait until each box has been taken to its rightful room before you start unpacking. If you need the beds and cables fixed right away, ensure that you have tradesmen at hand to do that job.

After moving day

The next few days after moving should be spent unpacking all the remaining boxes, organizing the new home, and acclimatizing to the new environment.

9 Expert Tips to Make the Moving Process Easier

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