6 Reasons Why People Fall in Love with Bangalore

Bangalore, or Bengaluru, as the city is now called, has always been a city with a rich cultural heritage. However, do you think that the cultural heritage is the only thing that makes a visit to this city such a memorable experience? Of course, not! If you really want to know what the black magic is that compels the visitors to settle down in Bangalore, here’s a sneak peek into the enchantments that Bangalore provides telecast by none other than your personal travel guide here.


  1. The Evergreen Weather: Bangalore presents a pleasant weather all the year round because of its geographical advantage. It is that city which will make you think why air conditioners are even sold in the market. If you are staying in Bangalore, you might not even have to spend a huge part of your salary buying deodorants of various fragrances only to control the sweaty stink from spreading! Charming, isn’t it? Moreover, you know what the best part is? You can hug your blanket and go to sleep at night without being considered as a freak who clings on to the childhood days! Now isn’t that something you’d really look forward to?
  2. The Airy and Open Surroundings: Who would ever imagine IT hubs and gardens existing side by side? Well, this isn’t a myth because this is definitely what Bangalore has in store for us! Every time you take a turn, you will bump into a park for sure and that is what will make your morning walk even more healthy and energetic. Moreover, if you have children at home who swing down your legs and beg you to take them out for some play time, you know exactly the right place to take them to!
  3. The Brilliant Transport and the Unmatched Safety: Bangalore is one of the most advanced cities in terms of a rich network of transportation. This metropolitan provides transportation at the click of a finger, and this is what makes living in any part of the city a pleasure. Moreover, if you are going to visit the city from elsewhere, say for example, from Delhi, you can even grab the offer of the lowest airfare on Delhi to Bangalore Flights like Yatra and other travel agencies offer. To top it all, this is one of the safest cities where the women can pursue different professions from being a cab driver to the CEO of an MNC.
  4. The Creative Graffiti on the Wall: One of the most enchanting parts of the city is walking down the road with themes of various colours touching your heart and soul. Confused, are you? You won’t be once your eyes come across the magnificent graffiti on the walls that narrate their own story and reach out to the audience.
  5. The Rocking Pubs and the Mouthwatering Street Food: Bangalore is the best place to both spend and save your money. While you can have a gala time at any of the pubs of this pub capital of India, you can even treat your taste buds to the delicious street food that would cost you the bare minimum. So, this is the perfect city where you can date your partner and confess your love over a glass of wine by the poolside of an exotic resort or walk down the streets holding hands and sipping the mouthwatering filter coffee out of the same cup.
  6. The Historical and Architectural Reminiscence: If you have an eye for photography or if you love to marvel at the sight of the majestic structures all over the world, Bangalore is just the right place where you would have to say ‘Hello!’ to architectural and historical wonders out of the blue. From the government buildings to the Bangalore Palace, there is definitely a mystery in the history of Bangalore!

So, now that you have got a mild glimpse what visiting Bangalore would be like, what are you waiting for? Grab the lowest airfare on Delhi to Bangalore Flights and set foot in this city. After all, you never know if you would bump into the executives at Yatra who would be delighted to show you how cool Bangalore really is!

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