5 Tweaks from Quilts to Vases Can Make Your Home Ordinary to Luxurious

While watching my favorite TV show or a movie, there comes a point where actors go in the background and my attention lingers on the interior of the room. No matter how short lived those moments tend to be, they always leave a tiny spark of desire in me to own such a house. This has been happening to me for quite a while now.

Interestingly, I have found the ultimate remedy to quench the desire of owning a luxurious house and it is not an expensive route. Over the years, I have simply learned to bring in the luxurious looking stuff in my house at the right places. The secret of luxury lies in the symmetry and sync of everything present in your house.

In case, you also want to taste the luxury in your house, consider adopting following elements.

Home Ordinary to Luxurious
Photo by Annie Spratt via unsplash.com

Designer Quilts

The bedroom is the king of the house and bed is the king of the room. If you can bring the luxury to the bed, it will resonate in the entire room. One simple trick is to buy designer quilts. You should get lace induced designs, very ethnic patterns, royal colors, and silk or thick fabric. These should be the traits of the quilts spread on your bed in the room.

These quilts literally belong to the period films and that’s what makes them classy. You can find such quilts from online stores in Australia like Beddingsquare.com.au which has a great collection of Quilts almost from all the famous Australian brands. IZZZ can be second option to buy quilts online from Australia as this online store contains some unique designs of quilts.

Larger than Life Chandelier

This one is too easy and predictable. Everybody knows that a larger than life chandelier in the living room or drawing room is perfect to bring in the energy of old era. You can go for a metallic chandelier with multiple lighting spots or there are many available in the market with pretty intricate glass work.

So it is up to you whatever you deem right for your home but chandelier will bring in the luxury for sure.

Everything Metallic

Metal has a sense of awesomeness about it. So get put metal in the house wherever you can. The door knobs, light fixtures, chandelier, lamps etc. There are so many tiny items that can be metallic in your house. Metal is synonymous with luxury and you must embrace it to the fullest.

Home Ordinary to Luxurious
Photo by Alisa Anton via unsplash.com

Fresh Flowers in Vase

There is something about fresh flowers that speak lavishness. The concept of vases with flowers is almost vanishing. Once upon a time, a vase with the flower was considered a necessity in every house but now it is not there. So you can dedicate a corner table to the vase with some fresh colorful flowers.

Clutter-Free is the Way to Be

The clutter is one of the deadliest ways to kill the design buzz in your house. Only keep things that are absolutely necessary, especially in the public areas like drawing room or living space.

Your approach to creating a luxurious space must be defined by this motto, “luxury comes to those who seek it.”

5 Tweaks from Quilts to Vases Can Make Your Home Ordinary to Luxurious

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